The Future of Socialism

This season addresses a number of issues related to socialism. Our aim is to help explain both the philosophical and practical problems facing socialist politics and economic policies. With all of the name-calling and political posturing today, we created a dialogue centered on ideas and research to point us in the direction of truth.

“What is Socialism?” – The Rise of Socialism

We define what socialism is and its many forms for our introductory episode of our socialism series.

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“What is Democracy?” – The Rise of Socialism

The word democracy has broad usage in the modern political conversation. But what does it actually mean? And why...

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“What is Private Property?” – The Rise of Socialism

We delve into the concept of private property, why it’s important, and how it is viewed differently by capitalists...

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“What is Labor?” – The Rise of Socialism

We define labor and discuss how it is perceived by socialists and capitalists.

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“Free Market vs. Command Economy” – The Rise of Socialism

We look at several examples of free market and command economies and compare them.

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“Socialism vs. Communism” – The Rise of Socialism

There is a lack of clarity in the modern political conversation regarding the difference between socialism and communism. We...

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