City Builder

Our “City Builder” episodes are short interviews with people who are working hard to build their city. We are located in Colorado Springs so many of our featured guests are working to build our great city. We interview city officials, business owners, volunteers, and more to hear about efforts for the common good.

The Story Of Loyal Coffee – Interview With Tyler Hill

On this episode of City Builder, Pastor Shawn Reine interviews Tyler Hill on his passion for coffee, the culture...

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Lunch & Learn: North Nevada Restoration Project

**Taken from a information and Q&A session with Nina Vetter** Project manager Nina Vetter and the Colorado Springs city...

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Lunch & Learn: How To Attract Millennials

Tyler Hill, co-founder of Loyal Coffee in downtown Colorado Springs, provides insight into how small businesses and organizations can...

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Interview with Nina Vetter on the North Nevada Restoration Project

Chad and Pastor Shawn Reine interview project manager Nina Vetter on the planning process for the North Nevada Restoration...

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