The Rise of Socialism

Chad Graham sits down with Ben Crenshaw for a comprehensive series on socialism. We define essential terms, compare economic and political systems, delve into relevant policy issues, and address common talking points surrounding the issue. Episodes are designed to be watched in any order, so feel free to skip around to the topics that interest you most!

Interview w/Alex Rhodes of the Colorado Springs Socialists – The Rise of Socialism

We interviewed a socialist to provide an opposing viewpoint on the podcast and get a better understanding of their perspective.

“Christianity & Socialism” – The Rise of Socialism

We address a few Biblical passages socialists use to argue that Christianity conveys socialist ideas.

“Scandinavian & Nordic Socialism” – The Rise of Socialism

Countries like Sweden are often used as an example of socialism done right. But are these northern European countries really socialist? And is it reasonable to expect a country as economically diverse as the United States to replicate these systems?

“Free College Tuition” – The Rise of Socialism

We discuss the policy of free college tuition, the problems with the cost of higher education, and whether or not education is a human right.

“Universal Healthcare” – The Rise of Socialism

We tackle the hot-button topic of universal healthcare, discussing its feasibility and whether or not it is a human right.

“Universal Basic Income” – The Rise of Socialism

We delve into the concept of universal basic income, discussing different versions that have been implemented as well as ideas put forth by prominent political figures.

“Socialism vs. Communism” – The Rise of Socialism

There is a lack of clarity in the modern political conversation regarding the difference between socialism and communism. We break down exactly how they’re different.

“Free Market vs. Command Economy” – The Rise of Socialism

We look at several examples of free market and command economies and compare them.

“What is Labor?” – The Rise of Socialism

We define labor and discuss how it is perceived by socialists and capitalists.

“What is Private Property?” – The Rise of Socialism

We delve into the concept of private property, why it’s important, and how it is viewed differently by capitalists and socialists.