Should Christians Use Recreational Marijuana?

Since it’s legalization, marijuana has become intertwined with Colorado’s culture. Yet churches have done very little to respond to this shift, especially at the intellectual level. What should Christians know about marijuana? What is the difference between medical and recreational use? And how do we discuss the morality of marijuana use when it was never directly addressed in the Bible?

The Intoxication Principle – Should Christians Use Recreational Marijuana?

Chad and Ben approach the argument of recreational marijuana use from the Biblical principle of intoxication, and state University Assembly’s official position on the issue.

An Argument from Design Against Recreational Marijuana Use

Ben Crenshaw takes a different approach to argue against recreational use by Christians.

Arguments For & Against Recreational Marijuana Use

Chad and Ben address various arguments–including Biblical arguments–in favor of recreational marijuana use.

Enforcing Marijuana Laws: An Interview w/Officer Eric Apodaca

Chad and Pastor Shawn Reine have an interview Officer Eric Apodaca of the CSPD, in which he gives his take on the legalization and how it has affected his job.

Marijuana Economics: Taxes & the Black Market

Chad and Ben delve into how marijuana has affected Colorado’s economy since it’s legalization.

Let’s Get Medical: An Interview w/Lynn Pillans, Manager of Herbal Healing

We took a trip to a local marijuana dispensary for a special interview with the store manager. Chad asks her a variety of questions about the operation and the difference between medical and recreational use.

Driving While High: The Social Impact Of Marijuana

Chad and Ben look into how marijuana has affected underaged drug use, traffic fatalities, crime, and the suicide rate since its legalization.

Pastoring in a “Green District:” An Interview w/Pastors Phil Steiger & Shawn Reine

Two Colorado Springs pastors give their take on the legalization of marijuana, its impact on the communities they serve, and how it has affected their job.