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The Story Of Loyal Coffee – Interview With Tyler Hill

On this episode of City Builder, Pastor Shawn Reine interviews Tyler Hill on his passion for coffee, the culture...

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Lessons From The Galileo Trials: How Should Churches Respond To Emerging Scientific Theories?

Chad and Ryan Ragozine address the poor handling of Galileo’s discoveries by the Roman Catholic Church, extracting lessons that...

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Lunch & Learn: North Nevada Restoration Project

**Taken from a information and Q&A session with Nina Vetter** Project manager Nina Vetter and the Colorado Springs city...

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Lunch & Learn: How To Attract Millennials

Tyler Hill, co-founder of Loyal Coffee in downtown Colorado Springs, provides insight into how small businesses and organizations can...

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Preaching Through Books Of The Bible

Chad and Pastor Phil Steiger discuss preaching through books of the Bible, why they do it, and why it’s...

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Does Science Disprove God? – With Dr. Paul Gould

Dr. Paul Gould addresses scientism by arguing that science does not disprove God.

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