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Lessons From The Galileo Trials: How Should Churches Respond To Emerging Scientific Theories?

Chad and Ryan Ragozine address the poor handling of Galileo’s discoveries by the Roman Catholic Church, extracting lessons that can be...

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Lunch & Learn: North Nevada Restoration Project

**Taken from a information and Q&A session with Nina Vetter** Project manager Nina Vetter and the Colorado Springs city planner provide...

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Lunch & Learn: How To Attract Millennials

Tyler Hill, co-founder of Loyal Coffee in downtown Colorado Springs, provides insight into how small businesses and organizations can attract the...

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Our goal is to restore America’s shrinking public square. We are committed to promoting intelligent discussion and civil discourse.


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We interview a wide variety of individuals, from professors to pastors to city officials. We find experts to tackle tough topics.


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Meet the team behind Thinker Sensitive. We work hard to help our listeners think about what matters most,

Chad Graham

Chad is the show's host and the Lead Pastor of University Assembly. He launched Thinker Sensitive to help restore America's shrinking public square.

Tyler Blanco

Tyler is the producer of Thinker Sensitive. He is responsible for recording, editing, and distributing the podcast throughout the web.

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At Thinker Sensitive, we interview experts to help us tackle tough topics. Here are some of our most recent guests:

Ben Crenshaw_Cropped

Ben Crenshaw

Freelance writer in the areas of politics, philosophy, and New Testament studies.
Nina Vetter_cropped

Nina Vetter

Strategic Plan & Performance Administrator for the City of Colorado Springs

Phil Steiger

Philosopher & Senior Senior Pastor of Living Hope Church

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